About us

Our Goals

The Clean Air Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of air quality. We have adopted a three-pronged approach to realize our objective. Firstly, we campaign and raise awareness on matters pertaining to air quality. We believe that it is through an informed public that we may achieve the social changes necessary to improve our air quality. Secondly, we undertake independent research on matters pertaining to air quality. It is particularly important to us that when dealing with matters of great public importance, like the quality of our air, we base our acts on reliable research and evidence. Finally, we are dedicated to reviewing and seeking the enforcement of air quality laws and regulations. This last pillar in our approach is where we seek to drive great change, by taking action and applying our research, knowledge, and skills.

Our Identity

The Clean Air Association was founded on the 27th of April 2020 after years of independent efforts by its members. In the past three years, members of the Association have been inquiring and building a network in their pursuit of cleaner air. The efforts of the members have been for the most part focused on the automotive sector. Over the course of their efforts, they have encountered and become involved with NGOs, national type approval authorities, emissions specialists, manufacturers themselves and the press. Given this experience, the members of the Association decided to incorporate in order to formalize and expand the impact of their efforts for cleaner air.

Our Values

To the Clean Air Association, the ends do not justify the means. We are dedicated to achieving our goals with utmost integrity. That is why we have adopted the following values to guide us in our efforts:

Independence. Given that our work touches upon a subject matter of great importance for governments, super-national bodies and private enterprise, remaining independent from external influences is quintessential. We believe our independence gives our work the integrity it deserves. For this reason, we decline any monetary contributions to our Association until we have a transparent framework in place.

Credibility. Our Association is dedicated to presenting factually accurate information and making informed and reasoned opinions. We are committed to reviewing and relying on reliable research and sources. If you do feel like we have gotten something wrong, we implore you to send us an email and let us know.

Equal Treatment. The consequences of air pollution do not discriminate and neither do we. In our pursuit of better air quality, we are committed to operating in a manner that has regard for race and gender equality, while condemning discrimination on the ground of race, colour, sex, language, religion or social origin.